Junior Olympic Volleyball

Junior Olympic Volleyball is played from the end of the high school fall season through the winter season.  In many cases the final tournaments are in the spring.   Advance Volleyball Academy’s Juniors Program is a registered New England Volleyball Association and USA Volleyball Club and supports both high performance and club teams.   Our programs are designed to put the best long term health and success of each student before all other factors.


Due to the level of interest after our first season we will be holding tryouts for any athletes interested in our HP teams that did not play in AVA in 2016.

  • High Performance Teams will practice more often than club teams ( 2 days a week on average ) attend all 5 NERVA Tournaments and several multi-day tournaments selected by each team. In addition, members of our High Performance program will have optional training and advisement with college coaches.
  • Club Teams practice 1 to 2 days a week and attend all 5 NERVA Tournaments.  Other events are optional and decided by each team.


  • All AVA Junior Olympic athletes are given priority access to our High Performance Clinics and a discount on all clinic fees.

AVA supports multi-sport athletes and a balanced schedule.    We do not require or expect our athletes to attend all our many practice, clinic and open play opportunities throughout the week.   An HP team is generally made up of students that want to practice more and plan to attend multi-day events.   A club team is less overall commitment but still may practice often and attend optional multi-day events if there is enough interest on the team.