2017 Tournament Schedule

2018 Junior Olympic Schedule

January 6-7 2018 : Winterfest for 18 & 16 Club, all 15s, 14s and 12s
January 13-15 2018 : Winterfest for 18, 17, & 16 USA and Open

Feb 3-4 and 10-11 2018 : Qualifiers 16s and 18s *

March 2-4, 2018 : Mizuno Boston Pre-Qualifier *

March 11, 2018 : NERVA I

March 25, 2018 : NERVA II

April 8, 2018 : NERVA III

April 14-15, 2018 : Rhode Island RUMBLE *

April 22, 2018 : NERVA IV

May 6, 2018: NERVA Championships

* High Performance Teams practice more often, attend NERVA Events, Winterfest, Mizuno Boston, Rhode Island RUMBLE and additional weekend tournaments based on team interest.

* Club Teams attend NERVA Events and can choose any optional tournaments based on team consensus.

We will hold informational meetings in November.

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Our teams were very successful in 2017 and set a record that will be hard to top.   We earned the medal round in an unprecedented 60% of our events this season, but we are most proud of the positive feedback and improvement among our athletes year in and year out.

Congratulations to U15 Aftershock for finishing 2nd in New England!  Aftershock, the first team from Berkshire County to make the top bracket in New England in any age category, won 5 medals in 5 NERVA events and made the Gold bracket in all multi-day events as well.


Congratulations to U14 Aftershock and U16 Chaos for your great seasons!!   In our first year as a Junior Olympic Club, AVA Juniors won 7 medals in 11 events and U14 Aftershock earned Silver in the New England Regional Championships.

Bronze Medal: Mizuno Boston Pre-Qualifier
Gold Medal C 14s / Gold Medal C 16s : NERVA I
Gold Medal B 14s / Silver Medal B 16s : NERVA II
Silver Medal A 14s : NERVA III
Silver Medal A-1 14s : NERVA Championships