About Us

Who Are We?

AVA is a not for profit volleyball development academy and Junior Olympic program based in Berkshire County Massachusetts.    We are registered with USA Volleyball and play in the New England Region ( NERVA Juniors ).

Goals and Philosophy

Our goal is to prepare our athletes to compete at the club, high school and collegiate level while promoting teamwork, responsibility and self-respect.   We do this by teaching the most successful and proven techniques while continuously learning from each other and the experts.   We work to provide quality training in the physical, social and cognitive aspects of volleyball so that our athletes learn skills that also apply to their everyday lives.

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach.   We support both multi-sport athletes and the unique student who chooses volleyball as his / her primary sport.

We place the athlete’s best interests ahead of all other considerations we are all lifelong learners.


AVA started as a development program focused on providing the highest quality proven coaching techniques to individual students in small groups and clinics.   In the fall of 2015 we added a Junior Olympic program focused on our core principles and expanded our clinic and development activities.   To learn about our programs please follow these links:

Contact Us

AVA has a 100% transparency policy and would love to hear from you.   We are part of a growing community of coaches, parents, and volleyball enthusiasts that makes it possible for us to provide high quality coaching and programs at a minimal cost to students.

Please contact AVA at 413-329-5112 or by email : avaberkshires@gmail.com with any questions at any time.